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CLM - Chat Live Messenger APK & Mod

In addition to the option to customize the interface color, somewhat more features are hidden in the new CLM interface. Scenarios and customization With the top of Messenger cleaned up, it's easier and better visually to make some customizations in the communication interface. Discreetly, the color adjustment function is on the profile editing screen. You will find many colors to change the tone of CLM using a standard scenario - with color adjustment. This only changes the color of the overall Messenger interface, not the colors of each window. That is, even if you set a favorite color, all chat windows will turn blue by default (unlike previous versions, when modifying the color scheme, all features assume this tone). Still to only customize the general interface, you can choose and select a scenario or theme for Messenger. There are eight scenarios present in the new messenger at the moment. Scenarios and special topics.


CLM - Chat Live Messenger Download Mod For Android

As if it were a dress, the upper part of the communicator looks like new. New assessments of options The "Options" function, already known in Messenger, has some features separately, that is, many options are divided and categorized individually, which facilitates use. The old Public option is now set to Signed in, referring to Messenger launch options such as auto sign in, use display photos, view Live Today while signed in, etc. The "Alerts and Sounds" function, which in all previous versions of Messenger only appeared in one tab, is now split. Everything was better categorized and distributed. Custom sounds If you need to configure some audio features, just select the Sounds tab. New to this feature is the ability to choose custom sounds, i.e. when your friends join CLM, kissing sounds, aliens, and guitars can be played to alert you. contact list The "Layout" option is responsible for how the list of contacts is displayed. Tab bars can be hidden (although there are no tabs in the left side menu yet) and your stories can be named, organized, and organized. Labeling contacts allows you to display your friends by first and last name or by display name only. The Organize option allows you to display your online contacts or display them by distinct categories. Pictures shown in your friends' contact list include options to display the list or a small, medium, or large picture. This way you can select the best way to display your contacts in the list. contact list Other options for classifying friends have been created: favorites and groups. Favorites, as its name suggests, allows you to create a list of your favorite contacts, while Groups ensures that groups of friends can share data and communicate.New categories. Keep up with your friends One of the coolest features in the new version of CLM is the What's New menu. Located at the bottom of the window, any changes your friends make, such as photo changes and phrase changes to personal messages, are instantly displayed. Any news can be seen quickly. We are currently offering the NEW CLM version. This is our latest improved version. It is suitable for many different devices. Free download directly Apk from Google Play Store or other hosted versions. Moreover, you can download without registration and no login required. We have more than 2000+ devices available