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REFACE: face swap videos -- the app formerly known as Doublicat -- is an original tool that allows you to create your own deepfakes right from your smartphone. Compiling your new videos at lightning speed, it's easy to stitch your face onto a variety of scenes that come preset within the app.


REFACE Download Mod For Android

First of all, you’ll be able to create some hilarious effects with the face swap features. Switch your face with movie stars, celebrities, characters, and more, using Deepfake tech. But wait, you’re not only able to switch up your face with others, but also to change your gender. The Deepfake maker will give you the option the change your face for more fun outcomes. In addition, you can also make memes and gifs for some cool and fun memes. Not only this, but more preset videos and gifs are posted on a regular basis. There’s just a ton of more content and material to use for yourself. After everything is said and done, you can also share your projects, videos, and gifs through various social media.