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gharge master APK & Mod

Super Fast Charging - Charge Master 2020 is free application to help extend the life of your battery and fast battery charger application leading. With the latest technology of Charge Master will help charging faster up to 50% with just one touch to help resolve any issues charging.


gharge master Download Mod For Android

super fast charging - charge master apk super fast charging - charge master app mod super fast charging - charge master mod How Charge Master work: Super Fast Charging is automatically enabled when you plug the charger, you just need to click "START" button to begin. The application will find and kill applications that drain the battery. The application can also turn off battery-draining services such as wifi, bluetooth, auto-sync, brightness, screen timeout, 3G, 4G... according to user preferences. This may helps your battery to charge faster. When you want to stop fast charging, you simply click the "STOP" all setting will be restored again.