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optimizer pro Auto Optimize APK & Mod

Download Last update auto optimizer pro Auto Optimizer is a versatile yet simple-to-use utility helping your device be perfectly optimized or boost performance over time


optimizer pro Auto Optimize Download Mod For Android

Automatic optimization of your device to keep it functional! - User-friendly, highly effective and faster processing speed! - Optimize instantly with one click of the home button. → Achieve smooth operation on your device. - Display memory and battery information on status bar or overlay. - Equipped with powerful battery power saving function. Battery life will be greatly improved! - Equipped with functions for scanning various dates and caches. - Automatic optimization implementation status and details can be set. - Advanced settings are also available for viewing during execution. - Optimize instantly with one click on shortcuts. Achieving the fastest possible processing speeds by eliminating unnecessary processes. - Flexible settings to suit the way you use your smartphone, including detailed conditional settings for automation. - Check detailed information about the status of your device, including the ability to view the remaining memory.Memory Release/Clear Cache/Clear History] Execute When Home Button Click Execute When Screen Off Execute By Memory Usage Execute Manually One Click Shortcuts [Battery Saver] Depends on Device and usage, the battery consumption can be reduced approximately by 1/10 to 1/3 while the screen is off. [Memory information display] Displays the amount of memory, free memory (%), the amount of memory used, or the memory used (%) on the status bar or overlay. [Display Battery Information] Displays the remaining battery life on the status bar. [Game Booster] Improve device performance for games List of functions - Memory release (task killer) - Clear cache - Clear history - Resident type settings - Automate by memory usage rate - Automate in a specified period of time - Automate when screen is off - Execute when home button is clicked - Exclude memory release settings - Clear history settings - Execution settings sound effect - Execution settings display mode - Widgets - Shortcuts for each function - Battery saver - Super memory free - Show memory information - Show battery information - Detailed device information Auto optimizer pro