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shazam APK & Mod

Download Last update Shazam. Shazam a track on your Android device, you'll be able to buy the song with a single click


shazam Download Mod For Android

shazam Available in languages. English French Czech .German Spanish Italian Dutch Polish Portuguese Features of the Shazam application The Shazam application is a free application and does not require any fees while using it or downloading it. The application is magical that recognizes the music, television and media around the user. Also, the only thing you have to do is hold your Android phone or iPhone near the source of the sound and wait about five seconds for the song to process and identify it after that without having to be silent The program will provide an accurate title for the song that you were listening to, and in order for the program's database to identify many songs from BTS to dami lovato or other people The first list of the application contains a list or music library, and at the top of the list there are the settings for the application, the second list contains the music library and search for a song or music, the third list contains the search button