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BatteryLife ipa Battery Life for is a very effective and useful tool for all users who are looking for any possible way to save energy and get some extra minutes of use when they are outside and can't find a charger for their phones,


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BatteryLife ipa or when they just want to use their devices freely without having to avoid opening some apps only Because it consumes more battery power. This application also enables you to stay informed of various technical aspects related to your device's battery, BatteryLife BatteryLife iPa such as the number of hours and minutes of power remaining or even temperature, voltage, and power capacity. In addition, it gives you a direct way to access WiFi, Bluetooth, settings, notifications, location, and more. And all of this to be able to manage everything that may cause the consumption of battery power.

Download IPA

Dwonload & Install Free BatteryLife

App Features:

- Use Dock, Glance to view your iPhone Battery Level.

- The remaining amount of the iPhone battery it will appear in Watch and iPhone.

- Battery Life will tell you the connection status and battery level of iPhone in Watch.

- Numeric value and easy-to-understand icon of the remaining battery capacity, can be displayed in the level meter.

- Check immediately the remaining battery capacity from Dock, Glance.

For supported models:

iOS 9 on iPhone 5 or later.

- Not supported iPad, iPhone 4s and previous models.