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Find AirPods helps users locate lost pair of AirPods easily with the help of Bluetooth. How it works:


Find_My_Airpods Download IPA

If you want find lost bluetooth devices or simply estimate the distance between you and the device you want to connect then this app will do a great job of that.

Functions in the application:

¬ Find Lost Bluetooth Devices(Airpods, iPhone, iPad, Headphones, Earbuds, Smart Watch,...)

¬ Track the distance with a lost device to find its exact location.

¬ Show surrounding devices on the map via bluetooth connection.

¬ Connect chat via bluetooth, no need for any other connection such as WiFi or Cecullar data.

Download IPA

Dwonload & Install Free Find_My_Airpods

Here are the steps to use the app most effectively:

1. Open Find lost my Airpods & iPhone Application

2. Turn on Bluetooth

3. The app will automatically search for all devices around you that have Bluetooth turned on.

4. Click on the device you are looking for with the correct device name.

5. See estimated distance on the app and walk around the area you stand until showing the nearest distance.

6. Turn on notifications so the app notifies you when you are close to the device you are looking for.

7. Find the device and complete.