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iRec iOS 15 – As lots of people update their iOS devices to the latest iOS 16 and they begin to realize that some of the emulators and also some of the third-party apps are not working properly.


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The major reason behind this is that Apple enhances their security and begins to revoke lots of certificates in order to prevent the users from installing third-party apps. You must Download EveryCord IPA for iPhone 13, 12, 11 to record iPhone screen in HD quality. It will also happen in some of the famous screen recorders like BB Rec Screen Recorder, AirShou and iRec . The developer of iRec released a new version for their screen recorder app and it is now known as EveryCord iOS 15.

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Apart from the change of name, the users can also expect to see lots of new interface, multiple options in terms to install the app and also Everycord is very easy and simple to use. Everycord iOS 15 is like the next gen of what used to be iRec. If you love the old version then you simply enjoy the new features and also the design changes. This article helps you to know about how the screen recorder looks on your iPhone and also the exact location where you are able to download the IPA file and also you will understand the process about how you can install it without jailbreaking your device.