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There are millions of restaurants bars and places around the world or just down your stairs to go out with friends, family or lovers. But which one to select? There are many ratings websites that can guide you through your choice.

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But do you really trust the opinion of strangers? Besides these people really exist, are they totally neutral? You can trust your friends, right? (if this is not the case then consideration should be given to change!) With iShare you can follow their recommendations.

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* Trust your friends, and share your favorite restaurants and bars. You want to go out to the restaurant and do not trust in anonymous recommendations, then follow those of your connections. Testing a new bar, you like it? You want your friends to discover it by knowing where they put their feet? Then note the area quickly, take some pictures of your dishes if you like, leave a comment if you are inspired and share your experience on Facebook, Twitter or email it! * iShare remembers all the restaurants and other places where you went, and diffuse if you want to your Facebook and Twitter contacts who know you and trust you. Wherever you are, iShare helps you to find a nice place to go out. And if you do not like the place, it works too! * The bill is salty? You are 13 and the bill is too complicated? One of the guests joined you for dessert and does not share the bill total. Never mind iShare simplifies your task and takes you a good evening.