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Extreme Landings Pro

Download Extreme Landings Pro IPA MOD (All Unlocked) For iOS

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There are few things as thrilling as piloting and landing a commercial jetliner. Few of us can ever experience the g forces and the unique combination of finesse and precision required to land a plane skillfully, but now with Extreme Landings Pro IPA MOD, you can get a taste of what it’s like to be a pilot and navigate your way to a safe landing.

The Flight Simulator


Extreme Landings Pro offers gamers a realistic flight simulation experience that is both intuitive and engaging. All of the essential elements of being a pilot are recreated – from accelerated climbs and steep spirals, to a range of unpredictable scenarios. The game also offers realistic aircraft systems that will help you complete your mission safely, as well as an interactive 3D cockpit with all the controls any self-respecting pilot needs.


The game features a range of exciting and challenging missions for gamers to complete, from ferrying an aircraft in an emergency, to executing an emergency rescue mission. There are missions to suit players of all abilities, from novice to expert.


True to life graphics and true 3D sound further add to the intense realism of the game, making it an immersive experience for aviation and gaming enthusiasts alike. Finally, the game offers the opportunity to build and manage a virtual airline for the ultimate challenge.

The Experience

Gameplay and Controls

The game’s intuitive and close attention to the detail of piloting a real plane combine to create a realistic and engaging experience. Players can effortlessly get to grips with the game’s controls and adapt to the different scenarios, landscapes and aircrafts.

Graphics and Animations

The game offers players stunning flight deck animations – no matter the mission or aircraft, they look and feel realistic as players navigate their way to a safe landing. Rich landscapes, gorgeous cityscapes, and clear day/night cycles all add to the realism, as does the various aircraft accessories that often make a difference between success and disaster.

Challenges and Goals

Players will be presented with numerous challenges and goals while playing Extreme Landings Pro. The game features a range of levels to suit all ability levels, from novice to expert, each with their own unique objectives and rewards. The game rewards successful missions with points that can be used to unlock new aircrafts, destinations and upgrades for your aircraft systems.


Extreme Landings Pro is a truly immersive flight simulator that offers gamers of all levels an unforgettable experience. With the game’s realistic aircraft systems, interactive 3D flight deck and stunning visuals, players can feel like they are in complete control as they pilot their way to a safe and successful landing.

Extreme Landings Pro MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

Extreme Landings Pro MOD IPA for iPhone and iPad is the perfect app for anyone who’s looking for an exciting and realistic flight-simulating experience. As a full version of the original Extreme Landings released for android, this PRO edition has all the same features as the original with added planes, airports, and missions that make for a more exciting, comprehensive experience. The realistic physics and detailed 3D graphics put you in the cockpit of the planes and make you feel like you’re really flying. The many challenges included put your skills as a pilot to the test and make for a thrilling experience. Whether you’re a novice pilot or an experienced aviation enthusiast, Extreme Landings Pro MOD IPA for iPhone and iPad is definitely worth a download.

Download Extreme Landings Pro IPA For iOS.

Extreme Landings Pro IPA is a highly acclaimed flight simulation created with stunning visual effects, challenging missions, and realistic aircraft handling. This game allows you to experience the ultimate thrill of controlling a variety of real-life aircraft in different weather conditions, ranging from normal landings to emergency scenarios. With a range of incredible aircraft, simple controls, and realistic physics, Extreme Landings Pro IPA is a must-have game for any flight sim enthusiast. If you’re looking for an exciting flight simulator experience, make sure to download Extreme Landings Pro IPA for iOS. Highly detailed graphics, realistic physics, and plenty of missions await you.

How To install Extreme Landings Pro IPA On iOS.

Installing Extreme Landings Pro IPA on iOS is easy and straightforward. First, go to the App Store on your iOS device and search for Extreme Landings Pro. Download and install the app on your device. Once the installation is finished, open the Extreme Landings Pro app and begin your adventure of realistic flight simulations. You can experience the thrill and challenge of real life flight and practice to become an ace pilot. If you encounter any issues during the installation process, you can refer to the app’s user guide for help.

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