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Getting Over It

Download Getting Over It (Menu) MOD IPA For iOS

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Getting Over It MOD IPA we can get unstuck and learn from the challenges that life has put forth. This game is designed to help us challenge our own limitations, and emerge stronger from difficult situations. It can help players develop both physical and mental dexterity. In this article, we’ll look at the features of ‘Getting Over It for iOS.

About Getting Over It

‘Getting Over It’ is a physics-based puzzle game that was released in 2017 for iOS and Android. The game starts with the player controlling an unnamed protagonist of a cauldron, loaded with a mid-air sledgehammer. The player is then tasked to traverse a large mountain in the sky, which is filled with various obstacles such as saw blades, barrels, and ladders. The overall goal is to make it to the top of the mountain without slipping and falling off.

Playing Modes

Players can choose from two different playing modes in ‘Getting Over It’. The first one is the classic mode, which is the default playing mode of the game. In this mode, players are required to reach the summit before time runs out. The second mode is the bonus mode, which is unlocked after reaching a certain amount of score. This mode is a bit more challenging as it requires players to collect all the tokens that are scattered throughout the mountain.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics of ‘Getting Over It’ revolve around using the sledgehammer to move the protagonist forward. This is done by manipulating the environment around the character and making use of any available items in the game. For instance, players can use saw blades and rocks to climb higher up the mountain, while avoiding slippery surfaces that will cause them to slide back down.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics of ‘Getting Over It’ are detailed and minimalistic. The styling is done in such a way that every part of the mountain looks unique and has a certain kind of texture. This helps to further emphasize the beauty and complexity of the game. In terms of sounds, the game features ambient soundtracks that are creatively designed to bring the overall gaming experience to life.

Difficulty Levels

The difficulty levels in ‘Getting Over It’ can range from easy to challenging. Beginners can start off with an easy mode, allowing them to get better with the game mechanics before taking on harder tasks. The more experienced players can choose the higher difficulty levels, providing more of a challenge and even more rewarding experiences.

Rewards and Progression

As players overcome the different obstacles and reach the top of the mountain, they are rewarded with tokens that can be used for unlocking new content. Tokens come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from small coins to mysterious crystals. Players can also earn achievements, which will be permanently unlocked in their profiles.


Overall, ‘Getting Over It for iOS’ is an incredibly enjoyable game that perfectly combines simplicity with difficulty, offering a truly unique gaming experience. With its detailed graphics, creative audio, and various difficulty levels, it promises to challenge and reward players of all skill levels.

Getting Over It MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

Getting Over MOD IPAIt for iOS offers a clever and challenging gameplay experience that helps players push their limits and emerge stronger from difficult obstacles. The game provides players with an immersive environment, allowing them to make use of their problem-solving skills and enjoy a rewarding gaming experience. If you’re looking for a game that promises to test your skills and offer a unique challenge, then ‘Getting Over It’ is just the right game for you.

Download Getting Over It MOD IPA For iOS.

If you’re looking for a challenging game for your iOS device, you have to check out the “Getting Over It” IPA. This popular game combines physics-based movement and puzzling problem solving. With an enchanting soundtrack and charming aesthetic, this game is a joy to experience. Players must use a hammer and metal wagon to climb a mountain of random objects and puzzles. The difficulty level increases as you ascend, making for an enticing challenge. With its entertaining and unique style, the “Getting Over It” IPA for iOS is a must-download for those seeking a stimulating game.

How To install Getting Over It MOD IPA On iOS.

Installing Getting Over It IPA on iOS is a relatively straightforward process requiring only a few steps. First, visit your preferred app store online and search for the Getting Over It IPA app. Once you have located the app, click on the “Download” button and the file will start downloading onto your device. Make sure that the file has been downloaded completely before going to the next step. After the file has downloaded, open your iTunes account and navigate to the device where you want the Getting Over It IPA app to be installed. Then, drag and drop the IPA file from your Downloads into the iTunes Window. Finally, sync your device with iTunes to install the Getting Over It IPA game onto your iOS. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Getting Over It IPA app on your iPhone or iPad.

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