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Angry Birds Friends

Download Angry Birds Classic (MOD, Unlimited Money) iOS

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Angry Birds Classic IPA MOD is the original iOS game that kick starte the rage-fueled bird-flinging phenomenon that has taken the whole world by storm. It remains one of the world’s most popular games and has gone on to spawn spin-off titles, merchandise, feature films, and even television shows! This article will discuss all the features and gameplay of Angry Birds Classic and how it is still ranks as one of the world’s favorite franchises.

Angry Birds Classic MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

Angry Birds Classic MOD IPA for iPhone, iPad is the latest version of the popular game. As always, it is packed with challenging levels that make for hours of exciting and addictive gameplay. The MOD IPA version has even more features than the original game; it has power-ups, tons of levels, and even levels with boss battles. With the new MOD IPA, you can not only customize your bird but also add new obstacles and enemies to each level. The graphics are top-notch and the soundtrack completes the gaming experience. Angry Birds Classic MOD IPA for iPhone, iPad is a must have for any fan of the rage-filled game.

Download Angry Birds Classic IPA For iOS.

If you’re a fan of the classic Angry Birds, you’re going to love being able to download the Angry Birds Classic IPA For iOS. This is the classic game that was first released in 2009, and it still holds up today. The game is easy to learn, and the levels are fun and challenging. The controls are intuitive and responsive, and the unique art style provides a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Download Angry Birds Classic IPA For iOS today and enjoy hours of bird-flinging fun.

How To install Angry Birds Classic IPA On iOS.

To install Angry Birds Classic IPA on iOS, first, download the IPA file from a repository like AppAddict. Secondly, you will need to install a program like Cydia Impactor. Once you have that installed, you will need to open the program and connect your device to your computer via USB. Then, drag the IPA file into the Cydia Impactor window. Cydia Impactor will then ask for your Apple ID credentials and will start installing the app. Once the installation is complete, the app will appear on your device’s Home screen and can be used by simply opening it.


Aim and Shoot

The core gameplay of Angry Birds Classic is as follows: The player will use a slingshot to launch birds towards the dangerous pigs who have stolen their eggs. The pigs are hiding out in a variety of structures and the player’s goal is to use the birds to knock down all these structures and eliminate all the pigs within.

Power Ups

Throughout the levels, the player will find a variety of useful power-ups that can help them defeat the pigs and progress through the game. These power-ups include explosive black birds, fire-breathing dragons, and steel-plated birds that can destroy the strongest structures.


Angry Birds Classic features over hundreds of levels that gradually increase in difficulty. The levels feature a variety of terrains, such as water and ice, which all have unique physics and behaviors. The complexity and variety found in these levels ensures that the game will remain fresh and entertaining for a long time.


Angry Birds Classic features simple but charmingly drawn background graphics with easily readable objects. The birds, pigs, and slingshot are all designed to look cute and humorous, while still being distinctly recognizable.


The sound design in Angry Birds Classic is spot-on. The character voices are all appropriate for the tone of the game, while the sound effects are satisfyingly impactful. As with the graphics, the presentation of the audio blends perfectly with the gameplay.


Angry Birds Classic is a classic of the iOS gaming scene that continues to stand the test of time. It is instantly gratifying to play and provides a simple but deep level of strategy. Even for those who have never seen an Angry Birds title before, it is easy to pick up and immensely entertaining.

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