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Awakening of Dragon

Download Awakening of Dragon MOD IPA (Dumb Enemy/Menu/DMG/Defense) For iOS

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Released in 2020 and developed by Rainbown Studios, the game Awakening of Dragon MOD IPA for iOS is the perfect way to explore new worlds and its contents. Set in a medieval universe crowded with mysterious magical creatures, this game allows players to strategically move around and meddle with their enemies in their quest to become the most powerful dragon. With its vibrant graphics, effective control mechanisms, and eye-catching visuals, Awakening of Dragon is sure to draw in gamers from all backgrounds.

The Gameplay

In Awakening of Dragon, you control an ancient dragon in a world full of wizards, knights and ugly monsters. Your goal is to become powerful enough by exploring the world in order to battle all of your enemies and become the most powerful dragon. To do this, you can choose from a wide range of levels, from city-building to puzzle-solving, as well as challenge yourself with powerful bosses.

Control Your Character

The controls are simple and intuitive, as all you need to do is tap the screen to move your dragon and its minions around. You can also access your character’s powers and abilities by swiping the icon to the side and using the magical spells provided to help you.

Battle Bosses and Monsters

Once you have acquired sufficient power, you can start testing your wits and powers by battling bosses and monsters on the map. As you progress through the game, the difficulty of these battles will increase, forcing you to plan ahead and make use of all of your abilities in order to be victorious.

Explore the Entire Kingdom

The game also offers you the chance to explore the entire kingdom. You can either progress through the story missions, or take the time to explore different parts of the map and discover hidden secrets. By doing this, you will be able to gain more knowledge about the world of Awakening of Dragon and its inhabitants.

Graphics and Visuals

The graphics in Awakening of Dragon are nothing short of breathtaking. Every scene is vibrant and alive, with vivid colors and detailed environments. The animations are smooth and add another layer of depth to the entire game. Add in the entertaining soundtrack and you have yourself a great-looking game.

Take Advantage of Powerful Tools

Apart from its stunning visuals, Awakening of Dragon has some powerful tools that let you customize your dragon and its powers. You can equip various skills and items to make your dragon more powerful, as well as use them in different battles. You can also choose from a wide variety of spells and abilities in order to further customize your dragon and its powers.


Awakening of Dragon for iOS is an exciting game that can keep you entertained for hours. With its attractive graphics, entertaining controls, and interesting missions, the game is sure to be a hit among players of all ages. Its powerful tools also allow you to customize your dragon and plan your strategies. So why not pick up this exciting game and explore a world full of mythical creatures?

Awakening of Dragon MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

Awakening of Dragon MOD IPA for iPhone and iPad brings all the classic RPG style gaming to the convenience of your mobile device. Enjoy the action-based combat scenes as you play through the story of the dragon and save the kingdom from peril. With customizable heroes, multiple levels of difficulty, and dozens of enemies to defeat, Awakening of Dragon MOD IPA for iPhone and iPad offers an immersive RPG experience right on your device. So don your armor and ready your weapons to save the kingdom from destruction in this unique and thrilling mobile game.

Download Awakening of Dragon IPA For iOS.

If you are looking for an immersive and action-filled mobile gaming experience, then downloading Awakening of Dragon IPA for iOS is a must! It is a great roleplaying game that offers an intense real-time combat system and stunningly beautiful 3D graphics. You can choose to fight with powerful dragons, mythical beasts, and even alien invaders, all while exploring the stunning and varied landscape of this grand fantasy world. With a variety of characters, customization options, missions, and lots of different quests to complete, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

How To install Awakening of Dragon IPA On iOS.

Installing the Awakening of Dragon IPA on iOS is easy and straightforward. To begin, go to the App Store on your phone and search for “Awakening of Dragon IPA” or go to the developer’s website and download the IPA file. Once the file is downloaded, open it with the software of your choice and follow the instructions. You may also need to enable the “Trust This App” settings to install the IPA properly. After installation is complete, open the app and it will be ready to be played. Enjoy the exciting and action-packed experience of Awakening of Dragon on your iOS devices.

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