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Download Driving Zone Germany IPA MOD (Free Shopping) For iOS

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Driving Zone Germany IPA MOD is an app designed to help drivers understand and navigate the German roads like never before. With comprehensive information about traffic regulations and auto-related legislation, this iOS app has transformed the way motorists think about and interact with German driving lanes. With detailed maps, real-time traffic updates, and speed limits for every area, this app can help drivers stay safe while accelerating through Germany’s renowned autobahn.

Info & Navigation


Driving Zone Germany offers an array of beautiful and detailed maps. Featuring clear highways and thousands of roads, these maps give drivers an easy way to navigate the terrain. Plus, this app also offers road construction warnings and local traffic alerts so that motorists can be informed when there are changes in the area.

Traffic Regulations:

Understanding Germany’s intricate traffic regulations can be daunting for drivers from out-of-town. With Driving Zone Germany, drivers can easily access details about the laws, including which roads have carpooling lanes, and the speed limits for every area. The app also includes updates from the Rastatt police to ensure that drivers are always aware of any changes in the area.

Real-Time Navigation:

This app navigates drivers through the most traffic-friendly routes and provides real-time updates about traffic jams. Plus, users can access information about tolls, fuel prices, and parking spaces throughout Germany.


Speed Limits:

Driving Zone Germany includes speed limits for all roads in Germany. This is especially helpful on the world-famous Autobahn, which has no general speed limits for cars. This app is indispensable for detecting and analyzing local speed limits, helping drivers stay safe and stay compliant with the law.

License Plate Lookup:

This unique feature of Driving Zone Germany allows motorists to quickly find out the origin of a license plate through a special search system. This is especially handy for rental car drivers who want to know their car’s history.

Helpful Extras:

The app includes plentiful information about road signs and eco-friendly driving, as well as a music player for stress-free journeys. It also allows for car sharing and carpooling, and gives information about useful services like car washes and repair shops.


Driving Zone Germany is the definitive app for anyone wanting to drive in Germany. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this app will provide you with the information and guidance you need. With detailed maps, real-time updates, and speed limits for every area, this app can help you stay safe while you explore the beauty of Germany’s highways.

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