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Download Facetune2 (Premium Unlocked) MOD IPA For iOS

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Facetune2 IPA MOD is a photo-editing tool that allows users to easily edit and retouch their selfies and photographs before they post them online. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to improve the quality and look of their photos before they share them with others. From minor blemish and wrinkle correction to major reshaping and beauty enhancement, Facetune2 offers a range of features that can make your shots look professionally edited in no time.

Automated Tools

Facetune2 offers a suite of automated editing tools that make it easy to retouch photos quickly and accurately. With the collection of automated tools, you can easily remove blemishes, smooth fine lines, sharpen details, and even whiten teeth. Plus, the app’s AI-powered auto-correction technology can detect your subject’s skin tone, allowing you to easily adjust the color of your shot without having to manually adjust every curve.

Advanced Editing Features

Facetune2 also boasts a set of advanced editing features that allow users to get creative with their photos. The app provides users with tools for reshaping their subjects, manipulating light and shadows, and even adding lighting effects. Additionally, users can erase unwanted objects from their photos, replace backgrounds, and add custom text and other design elements. With these advanced editing features, you have all the tools you need to create flawless selfies and compelling images that pop.

Sharpen and Remove Objects from Photos

Facetune2 also offers a range of features that let you sharpen your shots and remove unwanted objects or people from them. The app has a solid selection of image-sharpening tools that allow you to create crystal-clear images with incredible detail. Plus, with the app’s “Object Remover” tool, you can easily erase any unwanted subjects from your photos with just a few taps!

Manipulate Color and Lighting

Facetune2 also provides users with tools for manipulating color and lighting in their shots. With the app’s chart-based color adjustment tool, you can easily adjust the temperature, contrast, saturation, and more of your shots until they look just the way you want them to. Additionally, Facetune2 provides professional-grade lighting effects such as Spotlights, Regal, Ghost, and more, allowing you to easily add drama and emphasis to your shots.

Portrait Mode

One of the app’s most impressive features is its Portrait mode, which allows users to create beautiful portrait shots with just a few taps. With this mode, you can easily adjust the focus of your shot, enhance facial features, and even tweak the lighting of your subject. Plus, the app provides users with a variety of virtual makeup tools that allow you to give your subject the perfect glam look!

Facetune2 MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

Facetune2 MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad is an amazing app that can help you make small adjustments to your photos that make a big difference. It’s extremely user-friendly and features an extensive range of touch-up tools for enhancing selfies, family portraits, and nature shots. With this app, you can easily brighten and whiten teeth, smooth skin and remove blemishes, add subtle makeup enhancements, and more. It’s a great way to improve the quality of your photos and make them more personal, and is easy to use no matter what your level of experience with photo editing is.

Download Facetune2 For iOS.

Facetune2 is one of the best photo-editing apps for iOS devices. It allows users to quickly and easily enhance photos to create stunning selfies or pictures. With a user friendly interface and powerful editing tools, Facetune2 helps users bring out the best in their photos. The app features tools such as relighting, teeth whitening, reshaping, makeup, and more. With its easy-to-use interface, Facetune2 is the perfect app for both professional and amateur photographers alike. Download Facetune2 for iOS today to unlock your photos’ potential.

How To install Facetune2 IPA On iOS.

Installing Facetune2 IPA on iOS is a straightforward process. First, you must download the exact IPA file from the official Facetune2 website. Once the file is downloaded, you must open iTunes and select your iOS device. Under ‘Apps’, select ‘File Sharing’ and select the Facetune2 IPA file you just downloaded. Click ‘Install’ and the new app will be added to your home screen. Finally, you must trust the developer in order for the app to run properly. To do this, you must open Settings, select General, and under ‘Profiles & Device Management’, tap the developer name. Finally, choose ‘Trust’ and ‘Trust’ again to complete the process.


Facetune2 is quickly becoming one of the most popular editing tools for selfie and portrait photography. With its selection of automated tools and advanced editing features, you can easily create stunning shots with just a few taps. Whether you’re looking to enhance your selfies or add professional-grade lighting and color effects, Facetune2 is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take their shots to the next level.

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