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Download Homescapes MOD IPA (Unlimited Stars) For iOS

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Discover a story of Austin the Butler and his magical mansion in Homescapes MOD IPA , an immersive puzzle game available for iOS devices. With addictive match-3 gameplay, the twist in Homescapes is the home decoration element which will challenge players of all ages.

Addictive Match-3 Gameplay

Homescapes offers an exciting array of levels that feature match-3 game mechanics. Players need to swap and match pieces on the board to complete the level before the agreed number of moves. With every level, the obstacles become trickier and eventually make it difficult to progress. With its delightful characters and cheerful music, Homescapes game is incredibly rewarding to play.

Players can also unlock power-ups as they progress in the game. These power-ups can help owners blast through a level, but need to be used with caution. There are a variety of power-ups, such as rockets, bombs and more, that the players can use to progress in the game.

The levels in Homescapes are divided into groups of five. Every time the players complete five levels, they have to complete a task of renovating a part of Austin’s home, adding further fun to the overall gameplay.

Engaging Home Decoration Aspect

Hone your home-decoration skills in the game, as you help Austin renovate his family mansion. With every task complete, new rooms in the mansion can be unlocked for renovation. The game encourages the players to make wise decisions in decorating the mansion, as these decisions can slightly affect the gameplay and the storyline.

The vast choice of furniture and decorations in the game enable the players to customize the mansion in different ways. There are many characters in the mansion to interact with, and each of them react differently to the players’ decisions. Every character brings something to the story, and there are several twists and turns that are revealed as the mansion is renovated.

As the game progresses, there are more tasks for the players to complete. Each task can be completed with the help of the in-game currency. These tasks involve anything from collecting coins to solving mini-games. The dazzling colorful graphics, vivid characters, and creative environment make Homescapes a delightful experience!

In-App Challenges & Events

Homescapes offers unique in-app challenges and events that allow the players to win rare items. The interesting thing about these challenges is that they are renewed weekly and offer more rewards as the players progress in the game. These rewards can be anything from in-game boosts to exclusive decorations for the mansion.

The events in Homescapes also feature interesting storylines, and they are limited-time offers for the players. These events help keep the game fresh and exciting for the players and allow them to discover more of the storyline. The players can also compete with their friends and post their progress on social networks.

Connecting with Friends

Homescapes has a feature that allows the players to connect and compare their progress with their friends. As they progress in the game, the players can collaborate and progress together in the mansion renovation process. This also helps uncover interesting twists in the storyline as these collaborations often bring a new sense of excitement. Last but not least, Homescapes also supports Apple Game Center. Players can sign in to their Game Center accounts to compare their progress with other players.


Homescapes is a delightful and immersive puzzler that helps you hone your match-3 skills and also take part in a thrilling home-renovation process. With vibrant visuals and unique power-ups, the game is an absolute treat for players of all ages. With renovated challenges and events, there is always something interesting to look forward to in Homescapes.

Homescapes MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

If you’re looking to level up your HomeScapes gaming experience, then the Homescapes MOD IPA for iPhone or iPad is the perfect choice. This mod allows you to access loads of additional content, including exclusive developer-only levels, infinite lives, resources, and characters. It also removes any annoying ads from the game, as well as granting you access to all the latest patches and updates. This mod is completely safe to use and compatible with all iPad and iPhone versions, so you can use it to help you get ahead and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

Download Homescapes IPA For iOS.

Homescapes is an addictive and enjoyable game that will keep you entertained for hours. The game is available to download for iOS users via the IPA format. The game allows players to cultivate and design their own unique homes with the help of different characters, objects, and furniture. The gameplay is addictive and challenging with lots of mini-games, activities, and tasks for players to take on. Downloading the Homescapes IPA for iOS allows players to seamlessly enjoy the game on their Apple devices and experience the delightful graphics and vibrant soundtrack.

How To install Homescapes IPA On iOS.

Installing Homescapes IPA on your iOS device couldn’t be simpler. First, visit and find the iOS download link. Then, open the link in Safari, where you will be prompted to “Open in App Store”. After that, open App Store and find the Homescapes IPA and download it. Once downloaded, the Homescapes IPA will be available to you on your iOS device and can be played immediately. Alternatively, you can use iTunes or other third party apps to download the Homescapes IPA. Keep in mind that you may need to allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.

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