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Download Mame4ios Emulator IPA For iOS, iPhone, iPad

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MAME4ios is an application created to allow users to emulate arcade games on their iOS devices. It stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and is capable of running thousands of original and fan-made arcade games, from the classic Pac-Man, to obscure titles like Glove Rip Off or Drum Master.

Uses of MAME4ios

MAME4ios offers a unique way to bring classic gaming to mobile devices. It can be used to emulate favorite games from the past, run fan-made modifications, or discover lost treasures. It is great for gamers looking to relive nostalgic memories, find rare titles, or discover a whole new library of classic arcade games.

What Devices are Compatible?

MAME4ios is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is currently the only iOS emulator capable of running classic arcade games. All compatible devices must have the iFile application installed for the emulator to work properly.

Is it Legal?

The use of MAME4ios to emulate arcade games is completely legal. The emulators themselves are open source, and the game roms they use to run the games are usually free. It is important to remember that downloading and using any type of copyrighted material is still in violation of copyright laws.

How to Install MAME4ios

The easiest way to install MAME4ios is through the Cydia app. The Cydia app is a third party app installer that is only available on devices that have been “jailbroken”. After the Cydia app is installed, users can search for the MAME4ios application and click install.

Where to Get Game Roms

Game roms can be found all over the internet; however, it is important to only download game roms from a trusted source. It is recommended that users only download free game roms that are legal to use and not copyrighted material.


MAME4ios is a great way for iOS users to experience classic arcade games on their devices. It is a unique emulator that is easy to install and use, and can bring thousands of classic games to mobile devices. With a bit of research, users can find game roms legally and enjoy a vast collection of classic games on their devices.

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