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Download صلاتك Salatuk IPA MOD (Prayer time) For iOS

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The world of prayer and spirituality is changing, and Salatuk takes it to a whole new level. The app is designed to bring prayer to the digital age by providing easy access to religious guidance and automated notifications. Here we take a look at how the Salatuk IPA MOD is transforming the way believers connect with their faith.

What is Salatuk?

Salatuk is an app and website designed to help Muslims to fulfil their religious obligations. It provides a range of features, including prayer times, a list of mosques and prayer sites closest to you, and an integrated audio player to help you learn and recite the Quran. The app also offers guidance and support to users, such as instructions for performing the prayer and access to recorded supplications.


Using the Salatuk app provides a number of benefits. First, it serves as an automated reminder on prayer times. This helps ensure Muslims make prayer a priority in their lives, as the app sends mobile notifications at the appropriate times. The app also offers useful guidance and resources to support the prayer practice, including recordings of the Quran.

Expert Guidance

The Salatuk app also offers expert guidance and advice from certified religious instructors. This can be accessed via a Q&A style feature, in which users can post questions or search for answers. In doing so, they can receive personalized advice and clarification on a range of topics relating to their faith.

Alternative to Going to Mosque

The app also serves as an alternative to going to the mosque. With the ability to access prayer sites, mosques, and places of worship closest to you, users can easily locate places to perform their prayers. This is especially beneficial for Muslims who live in areas where there are few mosques.

Enhanced Interfaith Connections

The Salatuk app also strengthens interfaith connections. Through its audio player, users can explore the teachings, practices, and beliefs of other religions. With access to a variety of audio recordings, users can broaden their understanding and sharpen their religious education.

Impact on the Community

The Salatuk app is having a positive impact on the community, by providing a platform to foster spiritual learning and growth. By offering digital access to religious teachings and practices, the app is helping to bridge the gap between the digital age and spiritual traditions.


The app is also highly accessible, due to its user-friendly design and easy-to-use features. It is available on a range of devices, so users can keep up with their religious obligations virtually, no matter where they are.


Overall, the Salatuk app is revolutionizing the way Muslims fulfil their prayers and connect with their faith. It is a valuable tool for believers, providing a range of features and resources to support their practice and enhance their religious education. The app also serves to strengthen interfaith connections, giving users access to a variety of audio recordings and teachings from other traditions.

صلاتك Salatuk MOD IPA For iPhone, iPad.

The Salatuk MOD IPA app for iPhone and iPad is an incredible resource for Muslims looking to stay up to date on prayer times and prayer rituals. With this app, users can access their local prayer times instantly and set alerts for when it’s time to pray. All calculations are done safely and securely to ensure the most accurate results possible. Further, users can select their preferred language or read religious texts in multiple languages. This helpful app also allows users to read their daily prayers in multiple translations and provides reminders to help stay on track. Overall, the Salatuk MOD IPA app for iPhone and iPad is a truly incredible tool for anyone looking to stay connected and informed with their faith.

Download صلاتك Salatuk IPA For iOS.

If you’re an iOS user looking for an app to help you pray more easily, then the Salatuk IPA is the perfect solution. This app offers a range of features to help you find the correct prayer times, plan your day around your salah, and even keep track of how many salah you’ve prayed. It also has an interactive Qibla compass, which shows the direction to Mecca to help you align properly when praying. Download the Salatuk IPA for iOS today and take your prayers to a new level.

How To install صلاتك Salatuk IPA On iOS.

Installing the Salatuk IPA (Islamic Prayer Times) application on your iOS device is easy and simple. First, locate the App Store application on the home screen of your device. Then, click the search bar at the top and type in “Salatuk IPA”. Once the application appears, click “Get” and the Salatuk IPA application will automatically begin downloading. After the download is complete, click “Open” and the application will launch. You are now ready to use the Salatuk IPA application to track Islamic prayer times.

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